April 27 Conversation with Congressman Capuano

U.S. Representative Michael Capuano will be our guest at our April meeting.

Monday, April 27
Brighton Library meeting room (40 Academy Hill Road)

Join us for this special conversation with our congressman, and send your questions or brief comments to us by April 24. Depending on timing, we may also take some questions from the audience at the meeting.

Legislative Panel

Our January meeting (postponed due to the blizzard) has been rescheduled in March.

Come to meet our state legislators, hear what issues they are working on, ask questions and share your thoughts!

Monday, March 23
Brighton Library meeting room (40 Academy Hill Road)

All are welcome to join us for this legislative update and discussion. We have invited all five of the state legislators who represent Ward 21:

  • Senator Will Brownsberger - confirmed
  • Senator Sal DiDomenico - confirmed
  • Representative Gloria Fox
  • Representative Kevin Honan - confirmed
  • Representative Mike Moran - confirmed
We expect that most or all of our legislators will be able to attend at least part of our meeting, but there are some potentially conflicting commitments that evening. We will share any updates as the date gets closer.

Ballot Question Endorsements

In September, we made endorsements on three of the four ballot questions that Massachusetts voters will vote on on Tuesday. After additional discussion at our October meeting, we voted to endorse Yes on Question 3.

We encourage our community to join us in voting as follows on the ballot questions:

  • NO on 1: Question 1 would eliminate the automatic indexing of the state's gasoline tax. More than 20 of our bridges have already been closed because they are unsafe, and potholes and bad roads cost Massachusetts drivers billions of dollars in car repairs. Question 1 would make things even worse. We endorsed NO on 1 to ensure funding to maintain our road and bridges.
  • YES on 2: Question 2 would update our "Bottle Bill" to add bottles such as water and sports drinks to the redeemable deposit system. Many of us recycle at our homes, but these drinks are often consumed on the go when we don't have easy access to recycling bins. Currently 80% of redeemable bottles are recycled, but only 23% of other bottles are. Many of the non-redeemable bottles are littered in our streets and parks, and our cities and towns have to spend millions of dollars cleaning them up. We endorsed YES on 2 to increase recycling and reduce litter.‎
  • YES on 3: Question 3 would repeal the law allowing casinos in Massachusetts. We endorsed YES on 3 because evidence shows that casinos hurt local businesses and do not provide the economic benefits promised.‎
  • YES on 4: Question 4 would allow all employees to earn sick time. We endorsed YES on 4 so people don't have to worry about losing their job if they need a day to recover from illness or take care of a sick child.‎

In summary, vote NO on 1, and YES on the rest!

See the full text of the questions here. Contact us to volunteer for one of these campaigns.